Uncapped Education removes the limits imposed on children so that their raw material is transformed into purpose-filled maturity.

Uncapped Education for all people of Africa

  • Uncapped Education promotes Simplicity in Education.
  • Uncapped Education has true learning, liberty and a positive economic impact as its outcome.
  • Uncapped Education defines a wide range of principles and philosophies that contribute to true learning.

Why Uncapped Education?

  • To set people free from fear to make good decisions for their family
  • To recognise a label for their great conviction they have about education – Uncapped Education is another name to define Eclectic Education, where people compile their own curriculum or design a curriculum for a learning community
  • To strengthen a movement where true learning takes place
  • To educate society about the liberty in learning
  • To protect the rights of the millions in our nation that will fail the traditional school system called CAPS EDUCATION
  • Uncapped Education has proven evidence of true learning through continuous assessment
  • Uncapped Education will not fail special needs children


It has been proven through many 
centuries to be successful.

It is possible for the wealthy and the poor.

It is applicable in any culture.

It is applicable to all people in Africa.


Uncapped Manifesto

Uncapped Education is an educational design with the:

  • Aim to develop children in an unrestricted environment
  • An intention to remove all restrictive schemes from children in learning
  • To enlarge the margins of growth
  • A proposal to bring forth young people that is transformed into purpose-filled maturity and strengthening society
  • A policy for education for South Africa, Africa and abroad, not excluding special needs learners and orphans
  • It is a strategy for rebuilding societies


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  • Every Child can learn
  • Everyone learns differently
  • Protect vulnerability and grow GRIT
  • Life is a classroom
  • No child should feel a “waste”
  • Unlimited opportunities worldwide
  • Uncapped Facilitators are UNCAPPED



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